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Grant Recipients - 2008
Justice Initiatives is pleased to provide grant funding to the following projects:

Grants Awarded Fall 2008

bullet Google Website Advertisement
Funding was provided to advertise the I-CAN! web site on the Google search engine. ICAN! provides instructions and forms for addressing family law related matters in Mecklenburg County. The revenue ICAN! generates is reinvested into other innovative programs and services for the public.
bullet Juror Appreciation Week
Justice Initiatives' mission to "educate the community about the court system and to advocate, support and advance its needs and interests" is directly accomplished by granting funds for advertising and supporting the annual Juror Appreciation Week. The main objectives of Juror Appreciation Week are to educate the community about the judicial system, enhance public awareness of the importance of jury service and to show appreciation to citizens who perform their civic responsibility. To do such a billboard ad was purchased that thanked jurors for their service throughout the year. In addition, movies and magazines were purchased for the Jury Assembly Room as another means to make juror service a more pleasurable experience for those citizens who perform jury service throughout the year.
bullet TCA Continuing Education
Funding was provided to cover the cost of professional dues and attendance at professional conferences for the management staff of the Trial Court Administrator's Office. No funds were available for such activities under the then current State budget. As a result, management staff had to incur personal expense if they wanted to join professional associations, such as the National Association for Court Management, and/or attend conferences that promote employee development in the court system. The expense of the dues and conferences is such that few were financially able to take advantage of these opportunities. The request for assistance with meeting the continuing education needs of court personnel is consistent with Justice Initiatives' mission and purpose to advance the needs of the court system and to advocate for these needs.
Grants Awarded Spring 2008
bullet Family Court Handbook
The handbook for self-represented litigants was originally published in 2001. Justice Initiatives provided funding to reprint this valuable community tool that is designed to educate and assist pro se litigants in filing and responding to claims of divorce, child custody and visitation. The handbook was revised with the collaboration of law students from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Duke University and Florida Coastal over a two year period.
bullet Mecklenburg County Teen Court
Funding was provided for this alternative judicial program within the 26th District for youthful misdemeanor offenders with no previous convictions. Successful completion of the program results in no criminal record for the participants.
bullet I-CAN!
In July 2008 Justice Initiatives and the Family Court SelfServe Center proudly launched the I-CAN!TM Legal low cost online application that fills out court forms by asking the user simple questions and putting his/her answers on the forms in the correct place. The website provides help with divorce and name change forms. It will be an ongoing project because Justice Initiatives and the SelfServe Center plan to eventually offer domestic violence, small claims, and custody forms on the I-CAN!TM website.
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