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Grant Recipients - 2010
Justice Initiatives is pleased to provide grant funding to the following projects:
Grants Awarded Fall 2010
bullet National Adoption Day
National Adoption Day recognizes the individuals and organizations involved in the adoption process, raises awareness of the need of foster children for adoptive homes, and celebrates the successful creation of new families. Funding was provided to cover the cost of an event held to celebrate adoptions in Mecklenburg County. During the event, photographs are taken of each child who is being adopted, onsite printing, and placement in a wooden frame that the child decorates with the help of volunteers. Also during the event each child creates their handprint in paint on a fabric square for the handprint quilt project. Once completed, the handprint quilt is hung in Courtroom 8350, one of the juvenile courtrooms. Funding also helps provide teddy bears for the adopted children, corsages for adoptive mothers, and a cake to celebrate adoptions. A special court session is conducted during the event to celebrate and finalize adoptions.
bullet Continuing Education-Trial Court Administrators Office
Funding is provided for continuing education for the Trial Court Administrator’s (TCA) Office employees. The funding enables TCA employees to gain memberships in several professional associations related to administration. Participation in these associations provides opportunities to learn about initiatives on the national and local levels and facilitate the exchange of information with other professionals. Additionally, funding enabled TCA managers to attend the NCSCPM conference, the theme of which was “Reinventing Talent Management in the Public Sector.”
bullet Drug Treatment Court Participation Recognition
In keeping with industry best practices, the Mecklenburg County S.T.E.P. Program seeks to reward the progress made by program participants. Funding is provided to the Drug Treatment Court to accomplish that goal. Positive reinforcement is a valuable tool used in treating the mental illness, substance abuse and child neglect problems faced by the program participants. Recognizing individual accomplishments strengthens the individual’s efforts to rebuild his/her life. Funding provides the means for program participants to be recognized for the positive strides they make toward their recovery by receiving “incentives” at various levels of the program.
bullet Drug Treatment Court Pro-Social Court Session
The Mecklenburg County S.T.E.P. Program supports lifestyle changes for program participants that move them from criminal activities to pro-social activities. Funding enables the DTC to offer crucial support for participants during the holidays, which are often a stressful time for those in recovery and a high period of relapse. Each year, the DTC hosts a Holiday Pro-Social Event coordinated court session. This special court session is designed to show participants how to engage in and enjoy social activities without the use of drugs or alcohol. At the event, success is celebrated, positive coping strategies are taught, and support is given to promote a continued substance-free lifestyle.
bullet Juror Appreciation Month and Annual Amenities for Jurors
Juror Appreciation Month is celebrated in Mecklenburg County each July to recognize residents who perform jury service. During the month of July, a banner thanking jurors, sponsored by Justice Initiatives, is displayed on the billboard at the Fourth Street Parking Deck. Additionally, funding is provided for the purchase of magazines and movies for the jurors throughout the year. Providing amenities for jurors and celebrating Juror Appreciation Month fosters good will, provides a positive experience for jurors, and educates citizens about the importance of jury service.
bullet Conflict Management Books for Clubhouse Kids
Justice Initiatives provides financial support for the courthouse child care center by providing funds for the purchase of board books, picture books, and chapter books with the educational theme of conflict resolution. Many of the children who visit the clubhouse have been exposed to violence in their young lives. Stories help children learn positive responses to conflict. When books are available, each child who visits the center may choose a book to take home with them.
bullet Race Matters for Juvenile Justice
Race Matters for Juvenile Justice is a community wide educational and reformation effort that brings together judicial officers, systems’ experts, service providers and community partners who have set an agenda to reduce the disproportionate representation of and disparate outcomes for children and families of color in the juvenile justice system. Funding provided by Justice Initiatives went towards helping Race Matters for Juvenile Justice and its community partners host a symposium that examined disproportionality and disparities in the child welfare and juvenile justice system.  
Grants Awarded Spring 2010
bullet Court Camp
Funding was provided to better educate high school students about the 26th Judicial District. This educational outreach effort provides a "hands-on" day camp program within the Mecklenburg County Court system. From 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, students will be instructed with a combination of lecture, writing, artwork, group work, videos, mock trial, visiting speakers, research, observation of live trials, and a guided tour of the Mecklenburg County Courthouse and Mecklenburg County Jail.
bullet Customer Satisfaction Survey Incentives
In an effort to achieve a more efficient 26th Judicial District as well as a more conducive environment for the community, Justice Initiatives has provided funds for customer satisfaction survey incentives. Incentives will be offered to those who have done business with the Trial Court Administrator's Office and who complete the customer satisfaction survey. The return of a larger volume of completed surveys will allow the Trial Court Administrator's Office to analyze how well the judicial system is meeting the needs of the public and make changes in order to improve the system.
bullet Drug Court Month
Funding was provided to educate the public, court community, and elected officials regarding the success of the local drug courts. During National Drug Court month, the operations of eight local courts are highlighted through: A county proclamation; the presenting of information to community members, elected officials, and collaborative partners; providing special recognition for program participants, team members, and community partners; and, emphasizing the advantages of drug courts on a local, state, and national level.
bullet Employee Incentives
Through the funding of an Employee of the Year Award and plaques/certificates, Justice Initiatives promotes a greater esprit de corps within the Trial Court Administrator's Office.
bullet Courts and Media Seminar
To strengthen the communication between the judiciary and the media, Justice Initiatives provided funding for the Courts and Media Seminar. The seminar includes an overview of the judicial system and basic judicial operations for the media. By improving the media's understanding of the court system, Justice Initiatives promotes a transparent system for the media and the public.
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