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Grant Recipients - 2012
Justice Initiatives is pleased to provide grant funding to the following projects:
bullet 26th Judicial District Worksite Wellness Program
Description: A healthy work environment is a foundational element for a positive workforce. The Worksite Wellness Program is directed at creating a work environment that is more supportive of healthy habits and provides opportunities for employees to develop healthier lifestyles by supporting the adoption of positive habits and attitudes that contribute to their overall wellbeing. Funding has been provided so employees can attend wellness fairs, lunch and learn sessions, and take part in incentive and recognition programs.
bullet Eat, Play, Love: Supplies for Clubhouse Kids
Description: Funding was awarded to Larry Kingís Clubhouse, a free childcare facility for any family with business at the Mecklenburg County Courthouse, in order to purchase nutritious snacks, disposable food service items, art supplies, books, cleaning supplies, and other necessary items required to care for and nurture children.
bullet Organizational Email Marketing Vendor
Description: Funding was provided to the Trial Court Administratorís Office to purchase services from Benchmark E-Mail Marketing in order to reduce funds spent on various e-mail providers and have Benchmark serve as the sole e-mail vendor.

bullet Race Matters for Juvenile Justice
Description: Funding was provided to purchase reinforced, mounted, professional quality display boards, which provide information regarding Race Matters for Juvenile Justice programs, workshops, and events as well as sponsor information.
bullet Strengthening Communities through Dialogue
Description: Awareness and appreciation of cultural diversity as it relates to the judicial system is a core mission of the Court. To foster positive relationships with the courts and trust in the court system, funding was provided so courthouse personnel and Non-English speaking members of the community can be brought together through Lunch and Learn seminars, where court staff and various judicial officials are educated by community members regarding cultural nuances as related to government.
bullet Courts and the Media Seminar
Description: To build public trust and confidence, there must be understanding and appreciation for the work of the Court. The media plays a significant role in informing and educating the public about the Court. As such, it is important that the Court and Media have open and honest communication to ensure that there is context and accuracy in the presentation of information. To that end, funding was provided to organize and host a seminar for members of the Court and media on an annual basis. The funding covers normal expenses associated with producing and hosting conferences attended by the members of the judiciary and members of the local print and broadcast media such as reporters, anchors, assignment editors, producers and managers. The goal is to open a dialogue, exchange information, and strengthen relationships between the media and judiciary.
bullet Professional Development and Continuing Education
Description: Employee development is a continual and critical need for court personnel. As such, funding was provided so that the Trial Court Administrator's Office may cover the cost of professional dues, conference attendance, Continuing Legal Education (CLE) and other training and certification opportunities on behalf of its management team and other staff.
bullet Juror Appreciation Month and Amenities for Jurors
Description: Funding was provided for the annual Juror Appreciation Month held in July. The main objectives of Juror Appreciation Month are to educate the community about the judicial system, enhance public awareness of the importance of jury service, and to show appreciation to citizens who perform their civic responsibility. Funding was provided to replace a very large banner, called a wallscape, which thanks jurors for their service throughout the year. Additionally, continued funding for movies, newspapers, and magazines for the Jury Assembly Room was provided as another means to make jury service a more pleasurable experience for those citizens who perform this service throughout the year.
bullet Drug Treatment Court Participant Recognition
Description: Funding was provided so that the Mecklenburg County S.T.E.P. program can reward the progress made by program participants through gift cards awarding positive strides and certificates of completion.
bullet Family Court Administration and Self-Serve Center Strategic Marketing Campaign
Description: The self-serve center serves those who earn between $0 and $25,000 a year and are primarily between the ages of 26 and 35 years old with a high school diploma or some college classes. This grant funded the ICAN strategic marketing plan to reach and inform more potential litigants within and outside the immediate Mecklenburg County. The outcome of this project is to better inform a group of court consumers who will promote and refer others to the services offered within the Center.
bullet Customer Satisfaction Survey Incentives
Description: Funding was provided for customer satisfaction survey incentives as an effort to achieve a more efficient 26th Judicial District as well as a more conducive environment for the community. Incentives will be offered to those who have done business with the Trial Court Administrator's Office and who complete the customer satisfaction survey. The return of a larger volume of completed surveys will allow the Trial Court Administrator's Office to analyze how well the judicial system is meeting the needs of the public and make changes in order to improve the system.
bullet Trial Court Administrator Employee Incentives
Description: Funding was provided to the Trial Court Administratorís Office for team building and networking activities or training, along with an Employee of the Year Award, plaques, and certificates. The incentives program promotes a greater esprit de corps within the Trial Court Administrator's Office.
bullet Drug Court Month
Description: Funding was provided to educate the public, court community, and elected officials regarding the success of the local drug courts. During National Drug Court month, the operations of eight local courts are highlighted through: a county proclamation; the presentation of information to community members, elected officials, and collaborative partners; providing special recognition for program participants, team members, and community partners; and, emphasizing the advantages of drug courts on local, state, and national levels.
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