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Grant Recipients - 2014
Justice Initiatives is pleased to provide grant funding to the following projects:
2015 S.T.E.P. Program
Drug Court Treatment Court S.T.E.P. Program
Description: Funding was provided to the Drug Treatment Court (S.T.E.P.) program to help it meet various goals. The current goals for the S.T.E.P. program include: (1) to reduce alcoholism and other drug dependence among adult and juvenile offenders and defendants and among respondents in juvenile petitions for abuse, neglect or both; (2) to reduce criminal and delinquent recidivism and the incidence of child abuse and neglect; (3) to reduce the alcohol-related and other drug-related court workload; (4) to increase the personal, familial, and societal accountability of adult and juvenile offenders and defendants and respondents in juvenile petitions for abuse, neglect or both; and (5) to promote the effective interaction and use of resources among criminal and juvenile justice personnel, child protective services personnel, and community agencies.
Domestic Violence Conference
Description: Funding was provided for the Family Court Administrator’s Office to plan and execute a district judicial conference focused on domestic violence and the launch of Mecklenburg County’s new Supervised & Exchange Center.
Employee Development, Recognition and Wellness
Description: Funding was provided to the Trial Court Administrator's Office for continuing education, engagement in professional associations, team building training, wellness activities to promote healthier workforce and various rewards and incentives including an Employee of the Year Award, plaques, and certificates. The incentives program promotes a greater esprit de corps within the Trial Court Administrator's Office.
Equipment Replacement for the Clubhouse
Description: Appropriate equipment allows the staff of Larry King’s Clubhouse to focus on the essentials of their work as they provide a safe, secure and enriching environment for children who accompany their families to court. To help maintain a quality environment, funding was provided for equipment and furnishings replacement. This replacement phase helps to maintain a constant supply of equipment that is in good repair and allows for adjustments in available equipment as new items come on the market.

Juror Appreciation Month and Annual Amenities for Jurors
Description: Funding was provided for the annual Juror Appreciation Month held in July. The main objectives of Juror Appreciation Month are to educate the community about the judicial system, enhance public awareness of the importance of jury service, and to show appreciation to citizens who perform their civic responsibility. Funding was provided to display a very large banner, called a wallscape, which thanks jurors for their service throughout the year. Additionally, continued funding for movies, newspapers, and magazines for the Jury Assembly Room was provided as another means to make jury service a more pleasurable experience for those citizens who perform this service throughout the year.

SSC Strategic Marketing Campaign
Family Court Administration and Self-Serve Center Strategic Marketing Campaign
Description: The primary demographic served by the Self-Serve Center are individuals who earn between $0 and $25,000 a year, African-American, and between the ages of 26 and 35 years old with a high school diploma or some college classes. Funding has been provided for development and execution of a strategic marketing plan designed to reach as many people as possible within this demographic and to expand awareness of the Center’s services such as the I-CAN! Online self-help forms as broadly as possible. The overall goal of this effort is to increase access to justice for the citizens of Mecklenburg County.

Strengthening Community Relations
The Trial Court Administrator’s Office has hosted several of cultural-based seminars for courthouse personnel entitled “Strengthening Community Relations”. The purpose of these seminars is to 1) foster stronger relationships and develop trust between the Court and the Non-English speaking community, and 2) to educate court staff and judicial officials on various aspects of these diverse populations, as well as educate them about cultural differences and nuances, specifically as they relate to government and the judicial system. With continued growth in the community, new issues continuously arising related to immigrant populations and turnover within the system; funding is provided to create new opportunities for dialog and education.
Strengthening Judicial Relations Forum
Description: Family Court Administration (FCA) and the Mecklenburg County Clerk’s Office (MCCO) are two separate offices within the Mecklenburg County Courthouse. Each office has its own rules regarding case management. Funding has been provided to create a forum for the two offices to identify problems and discuss solutions collaboratively. Topics to cover include, but are not limited to: Delivery of Orders Processed in the courtroom, New FCA Emergency Custody Procedures and Accuracy and Uniformity in Reporting Case Outcomes from the courtroom.
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