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News & Updates
Harvard Ash Center Bright IdeasJI recognized as 2017 Harvard Ash Center Bright Ideas in Government.
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May 10, 2017
Maura E. Chavez named the 10th annual Raising the Bar Award winner.
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March 22, 2017
JI Awarded $10,000 from Unite Charlotte Grant to Aid in Rebuilding Community Trust.
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March 17, 2017
Applications for Court Camp are now being accepted.
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Need help with court forms?
I-CAN! Legal is a low cost online application that will fill out court forms for you by asking you simple questions and putting your answers on the forms in the correct place.
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Need to check on the status of a court calendar?
Our Interactive Court Calendars system gives Mecklenburg County Bar members the ability to review the status of trial dockets and update the status of their own cases.
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Ongoing Projects

Continuing Education and Professional Development
Employee development is a continual and critical need for court personnel. As such, funding is being provided so that the Trial Court Administrator's Office may cover the cost of professional dues, conference attendance, Continuing Legal Education (CLE) and other training and certification opportunities on behalf of its management team and other staff.
Court Camp
Funding is being provided to better educate high school students about the 26th Judicial District. This educational outreach effort seeks to provide a "hands-on" day camp program within the Mecklenburg County Court system. From 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, students are instructed with a combination of lecture, writing, artwork, group work, videos, mock trial, visiting speakers (judges, court officials, and deputies), research via Internet, observation of live trials, and a guided tour of the Mecklenburg County Courthouse and Mecklenburg County Jail.
Courts and Media Seminar
To build public trust and confidence, there must be understanding and appreciation for the work of the Court. The media plays a significant role in informing and educating the public about the Court. As such, it is important that the Court and Media have open and honest communication to ensure that there is context and accuracy in the presentation of information. To that end, funding is being provided to organize and host a seminar for members of the Court and media on an annual basis.

eSprit de Corps

This annual Trial Court Administrator's Office employee incentives program is funded by Justice Initiatives. The program includes an Employee of the Year award as well as funding for team building and networking activities or training.
Family Law Paralegal Conference

Annually, with the support of Justice Initiatives, the Family Court hosts the Family Law Paralegal Conference which gives paralegals an opportunity to put faces with the names of Family Court staff members. The goal of this conference is to educate paralegals and provide them with the resources that they need to better assist the attorneys for whom they work with in processing cases through Family Court.

In July 2008 Justice Initiatives and the Family Court SelfServe Center proudly launched the I-CAN!TM Legal low cost online application that fills out court forms by asking the user simple questions and putting his/her answers on the forms in the correct place. While the website initially provided help with divorce and name change forms, Justice Initiatives continues to work on preparing additional forms. In the coming months Justice Initiatives and the SelfServe Center plan to offer domestic violence, small claims and custody forms on the I-CAN!TM website.
Juror Appreciation Week
Justice Initiatives provides financial support for the annual Juror Appreciation Week held in Mecklenburg County each July. The main objectives of Juror Appreciation Week are to educate the public about the judicial system, enhance public awareness of the importance of jury service and to show appreciation to citizens who perform their civic duty.
National Adoption Day
National Adoption Day recognizes the individuals involved in the adoption process, raises awareness of the need of foster children for adoptive homes and celebrates the successful creation of families. Funding is being provided to cover the cost of the event and provide teddy bears for the adopted children, corsages for adoptive mothers and a cake to celebrate adoptions. A special court session is conducted during the event to finalize adoptions.
Online Calendars
Funding is being provided for the design and programming to create online, interactive calendars which will allow Mecklenburg County Bar members the ability to update the status of their own cases and view the status of their colleagues' cases via the Internet. Providing attorneys with this online service will promote greater certainty as to what will transpire during the first day of the term and should result in better prepared counsel and more organized dockets.
Strengthening Community Relationships
Justice Initiatives matched funds received by the Trial Court Administrator's Office from the Charlotte Mecklenburg Community Foundation through its Front Porch Grants program, which is managed by Community Building Initiative. The program is an effort to build informal social capital within our community. Front Porch Grants are awarded to organizations and partnerships for specific programs and projects that foster bridge-building between individuals, communities, neighborhoods and organizations. The goal is to increase trust and expand social connections and informal networks in Charlotte-Mecklenburg.
Town Hall Meetings
Funding is being provided to support the creation of a public forum for citizens of Mecklenburg County to pose questions of court officials as well as become informed on the various aspects of the court system. The Town Hall Meetings will take place at designated locations in North, South, East and West Mecklenburg County and will consist of a brief presentation, panel discussion and question and answer segment. Citizens are encouraged to voice concerns or offer questions about the court system to the Senior Resident Superior Court Judge, Chief District Court Judge, District Attorney, Public Defender, Clerk of Superior Court and Trial Court Administrator.


Projects under Consideration for 2010-2011
Advocate for remote access to the AOC civil case management software so that attorneys and members of the public can directly inquire as to the status of their cases and directly schedule motions via the internet; this system would also provide for electronic noticing capability from the court when events are scheduled
Fund alcohol detection and monitoring devices to help bring about better compliance with program rules for defendants participating in the DWI Treatment Courts
Assist judges in obtaining direct access to criminal history data in the courtroom
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