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Grant Funding
Grant Requirements:
Generally, applicants must be eligible governmental units or agencies or eligible nonprofit organizations recognized as tax exempt under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Other tax exempt organizations may be eligible.
JI does not award multiple-year awards. Grant recipients can apply in subsequent years for additional funding.
All grant recipients are required to provide a written report evaluating the effectiveness of the project in furthering the mission statement above and accounting for grant expenses upon project completion or by an interim date specified by JI. Funds may not be spent for any purpose other than that approved by JI. Any funds not spent for the approved purposes by the date specified are subject to a review process with JI which may include return of the funds not spent to JI.
JI has limited discretionary funds; therefore, many exemplary proposals cannot be funded. Because of the volume of requests, we do not provide written feedback on proposals that are not funded. All grants are evaluated and awarded in the exclusive discretion of JI. educate the community about the court system and advocate, support and advance its needs and interests.